In order to file a great, useful bug ticket, here are some tips:

If you have experienced a bug before, check rdr-patch-notes and rdr-known-issues.
– If you see the bug has been addressed in rdr-patch-notes then file a new /bug report.
– If you see the bug in rdr-known-issues, then we’re aware and you don’t have to file a /bug report.
– If it’s in neither place but you’ve already filed a ticket about that bug, you do not have to file another ticket UNLESS you notice new information (like you suspect what’s causing it).

When giving a brief statement of the issue, include what mechanic is involved and how it is broken in brief. Examples:
– St. Denis Stable does not Spawn Horse
– Items sold to store remained in bag, still paid
– Respawn at doctor did not work in Tall Trees

Examples of poor issue statements:
– Horses
– Hunting Bug

When describing the issue in more detail consider:
– What was I attempting to do when this bug occurred
– Did I recently have any menus open?
– What else is happening at the time (even if it seems unrelated)
– If it’s something that always happens, list out the steps to reproduce the error: First, I purchase a horse, the money is removed from my pocket, then I look in my manage horses and see the horse is not there.


Admin team (in red) focuses on maintaining the overall health and well-being of the community and server. Admins review admin-support tickets and make final determinations on rule violations. Admin maintain updated documentation on this website and in Discord. They additionally facilitate super-characters and groups.

Lead Developer (in aqua) focuses on the overall mechanical direction of the server. They develop and implement features as well as fix bugs. Developers will occasionally test out new features and functionality on server before it goes live to the community.

Ambassador team (in pink) focuses on being a liaison between players and the Admin team and Developers. They are the apex of the community, setting an example for Discord, Server, and Streaming conduct and promoting quality RP. By staying active on the server, they can also provide feedback on server updates, rule modifications, and other community issues.

Coordinator team (in apricot) focuses on maintaining active knowledge of our server rules and guidelines and how they’re implemented, providing support to the community through their knowledge of guides, known issues, and patch notes, and directing players towards the support they may need through tickets. They are also leading the effort of reviewing our allowlist applications and providing application and connectivity support.

Community Testers (in light teal) are also an extended member of our staff, and they are players who volunteer their free time to help test and report bugs for upcoming updates.