Civ Jobs

Before you leave City Hall after spawning in for the first time, be sure to choose a job. You can change careers any time.

  • Get your taxi at the Taxi HQ ( shown on the map with a yellow car icon). 

  • Head over to the yellow circle and go on duty. You'll get calls from other players or NPCs who show up as yellow dots on your map. 

    • To get NPCs in your taxi, drive near them and honk your horn. They will get into the vehicle. 

  • You can also get buses at the bus station  (icon looks like a big black bus) across from Pillbox Lower Entrance. So you can even do tours or do a public transit bus route! 

Weazel News

  • Head to the Weazel News HQ (Red Garage Marker in the middle of Los Santos)

  • Head to the garage and add vehicles to your fleet, then take them out to drive

  • You'll get notifications of certain events to do live coverage

  • Citizens can also call you to give tips on stories

  • Get a $1000 bonus for every written article posted in Weazel News Discord, get a $1,000 minimum bonus for Video Content posted in there (bonus determined by story)

  • Important Commands and Keybinds: 

    • /camera - brings up the camera prop, press E to get the Weazel news overlay

    • /mic - brings up microphone 


- Get your supplies and parts at Otto's Auto Parts. You'll need the Basic Mechanics Socket Set and Standard Screwdriver to perform mechanic work. 

- You can practice mechanic work for other players at any mechanic shop with blue circles.

  1.  Mirror Park Auto Repair (located on W Mirror Drive in Mirror Park- block 6026)

  2. Auto Exotic (on Elgine Ave)

  3. Flywheels (Sandy Shores- burning wheel icon on map)

- You can also sign up for mechanic missions at Mirror Park as well. This will give you tasks to complete to earn money. 

  • You will need the Repair Tool Set to do this (also found at Otto's Auto Parts)

[Part of the Mechanic job]
  • Get your tow truck at the tow yard, shown on the map with a hook in southern Los Santos. Add it to your fleet, then you can take it out.

  • For Hook tows, you can use the vehicle menu from your player menu to lower and raise the tow.

  • You will eventually be able to lock the tow yard and impound cars there and charge people to get them back. 

  • Important Commands and Keybinds: 

    • E - Used to lock/ unlock the tow gates.

    • "/tow" and then "G" - puts vehicles on/ off the flatbed tow trucks. (make sure your truckbed is right in front of the front of the hood of the vehicle you're trying to tow)

    • 5 [numpad] - lowers hook on hook tow truck

    • 8 [numpad] - raises hook on hook tow truck

    • Player menu > vehicle menu > detach tow

Commercial Delivery
  • Head to the Delivery HQ in the Vinewood area, just south of the Pacific Standard Bank. Ignore the delivery icon visible at the docks!

  • At the loading dock you will be able to enter the warehouse.

  • You'll get a list of items to deliver from the office. You can grab some things from the warehouse or from other shops. 

  • Grab a delivery truck of your choice outside where the yellow arrows are 

  • Take the items to the yellow dot on your map

  • You can also get orders from players. It may be a good deal to work with mechanics for delivering parts!