Getting Started

Install RedM here.

To launch the RedM directory after installing, ensure you have both Steam and the Rockstar Launcher open first.

To troubleshoot any problems launching, see the FAQ and Client Support pages provided by forums.

For additional assistance please reach out in the #rdr-support channel of the PRC Discord (must be whitelisted for access).

NOTE: Server is set to restart automatically every 8 hours (Midnight, 8AM, and 4PM PST). Be sure to close completely out of the RedM client, then relaunch to join the server after a restart. 

To Add The PRC Team Speak to Bookmarks

  1. Connect to PRC Team Speak (Pinned in Discord)
  2. Go to “Bookmarks” on the top of your Team Speak client
  3. Click “Add to Bookmarks”
  4. ​Click “Apply” and then “OK”
  5. Hit “Save” on the pop-up window

To silence Team Speak Notifications ( “USER JOINED YOUR CHANNEL” voice):

  1. Tools –> Options –> Notifications
  2. From the sound pack dropdown menu at the top left, select “sounds deactivated.”
  3. Click the small box to the right of the sound pack dropdown menu to “apply to all bookmarks.”
  4. ​Restart TeamSpeak. 

In-game voip requires the Salty Chat addon for TeamSpeak (link below).  Ensure TeamSpeak and Salty Chat are installed and TeamSpeak is running before joining the server.

1) If you don’t have TeamSpeak, download and install here:

2) Make sure the TeamSpeak app is closed. 

3) Once TeamSpeak is closed, download and install Salty Chat app:

4) Connect to The PRC server (server address is in the acceptance message sent by Admins and pinned in RDR General on Discord). Upon connection to the RDR server, you will be moved to “In-Game” channel in TeamSpeak.

Voip uses PTT key set in TeamSpeak, not in game.

To set keybind: tools –> options –> capture 

Once joined to the TS server, players auto-queue in “RDR2 Standby” until they join the RDR game server. Voice chat is disabled while in Standby.

Upon connection to the RDR game server, players are automatically moved into their respective “PRC RDR2 Server” channel. Player nicknames are changed to gibberish for anonymity.

Before entering the server, you will be given the option to select a character or create a new one. Players can create up to 10 characters.

Selecting Create New will prompt you to choose a first and last name before continuing. Be advised: you cannot edit this later.

After naming your character, you can select their name in your load-in menu and join the server. This may take a few minutes, just relax until you’re fully loaded in. 

​Once loaded into the creator, press the left or right arrow to select the figure you prefer. Note: this selection will affect which clothing options you have to choose from before entering the server.

Follow on screen directions to make changes to your appearance including height, physique, facial features, and hair.

Make sure to select an outfit in the clothing section before completing your character. Clothing can be purchased later at tailor shops for a fee. 

When you’re happy with your appearance, select Complete. You will be spawned into Valentine with $100 in your wallet. Don’t spend it all in one place!

In addition to the Red Dead Redemption controls, which can be found in the game menus, our server utilizes two types of player input: Hotkeys and Chat Commands.

Hotkeys are either pressed or held. Chat Commands are entered into player chat:​

  1. Press T to open player chat
  2. Type /commandname into chat
  3. Press enter


B – Inventory (right click on items to use)
    – Escape to close

L – Player Menu (Identity, Inventory, Give Money, Skills, Horse, Ask Open       
    – Backspace to close

M – Map

U – Point 

H – Whistle for horse

N – Toggle voip range (edit push to talk setting in game to change)

T – Open player chat to input chat commands

G – Pet horse 

Ctrl – Slow your horse down

Ctrl + S – Back horse up 

Shift – Sprint / horse speed up

i – Chair/bench/bed interaction list (Walk up to a chair and press i for list of possible interactions. Use i menu again when ready to end scenario.)



/me [action] – indicates in-character action; displayed over character’s head.

       EXAMPLE: /me tips hat

/scene – leave scene clue. Follow UI (Distance indicates how far away the clue will be visible to players.)

/handsup – raise hands above head.

/hijack ​- Toggles hijack on/off.

On to hijack other players horse/vehicle (by default on login). 

Off to ride with other players without attacking and stealing their horse/carriage.

/emotes – List emotes.

/e [emote name] – Initiate emote. EXAMPLE: /e sitground1

/e c – Cancel current emote.

/sentence – checks time left on jail sentence. 

/hud – Toggle hud.
    F8 “hud” – turn hud back on.

/reticle – Toggles reticle on/off. On to have reticle show when you aim. Off to have reticle only show for animals and NPCs. Toggle setting will be saved to your RedM client cache, clearing cache will reset setting.

Found at bottom left corner of screen.
Health: See a doctor.
Stamina: Slow down and take a rest.
Hunger: Rustle some grub.
Thirst: Wet your whistle.
Voip: Yellow when speaking. Meter indicates voip distance.


Tailors – Purchase clothing and accessories.

​Barbers – Update hair and facial features.

​General Store – Provides many essentials for frontiersfolk.

Butchers – Bring animal carcasses/hydes (hunting).

Gunsmiths – Purchase weapons and ammo.

Banks – Make withdrawls/deposits, transfer funds to another player.

Stables– Purchase horses, equipment, and care items. Hire a carriage and driver for relaxing travel.

Sheriff Stations – Pick up and claim bounties (see bulletin boards).

Saloons – Purchase drinks, snacks, and smokes. May also provide barber services and a place to switch characters.

​Train Stations – Pay off bounties and catch the train.

Doctor’s Office – Purchase tonics which can be carried in inventory to restore health. Doctor’s visits restore complete health. Can choose to respawn here after losing consciousness.

Bait and Tackle Shop – Purchase fishing rod and lures; sell fish.

Miner’s Tools – Purchase mining equipment. 

Stoves – Cook some food.

Forges – Process ore, blacksmith stuff.

​In addition to the Rules and Guidelines, please take note of the features available to support your character’s story in the event of misfortune. 

  • When knocked unconscious, you’ll be unable to move or talk (you’re unconscious) for at least 2 minutes.
  • /me [text description] is available as a roleplay mechanic to communicate bodily responses (e.g. fading pulse, coughs, not breathing).
  • If you wish to perma, you can use /me to indicate “no pulse.”
  • After the required time elapses, you have the options to either
    1. Wake Up, which will revive you at your location with nearly depleted health or
    2. Respawn at Nearest Doctor, which will teleport you  to a doctor’s office before reviving you. 
  • When deciding which action to take, you should always factor in the circumstances causing you to go uncon, ongoing RP happening around you or to you, and the injuries you may have sustained.
  • Using either option to escape capture, rejoin a gunfight, or otherwise gain an RP advantage, will be considered power gaming. These options can however be utilized as a safety feature if you need to disengage from a situation you deem unsafe for you as a player (See Also: GUIDE: Consent and Safety).
  • If rendered unconscious by another PC – see Frontier Justice for information on placing bounties.

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Frontier Life

Are you an expert marksman? You can hunt game and sell it to a butcher to make your living.

Difficulty: 2

  • Skin your kills and sell the meat at a butcher (marked on map).
  • Use meat in cooking recipes.
  • Improve your skinning skill for increased returns.

Please note that the butcher only allows you to sell them cuts of meat. Selling pelts will be an option in a future update.

  • Hunting Knife
  • Firearm and Ammo or Bow and Arrows
It takes skill, patience, and deep knowledge to catch the big one. An experienced guide could earn a lucrative living.


Difficulty: 5


  • Grab a pole and bait at the bait and tackle shop (marked on map), then head to your favorite fishin’ hole.
  • Note that the type/quality of your bait will affect the size/difficulty of your catch.
  • Once you get a bite, aim your rod toward the hooked fish until it stops splashing.
  • Make sure that fish is calm before you try to reel him in.
  • Flawless technique is vital! Hire an expert if you need a lesson.
  • Sell your catch back to the bait and tackle shop or utilize your cooking skill to craft a meal.

  • Fishing Rod
  • Bait or lure

Equip Rod: Right-click rod in inventory and select “equip”. Hold

tab to open equipment radial, R to switch to items, and select pole.

Equip Bait: While the rod is equipped and in hand, Right-click the bait

in inventory and select “use”.

Casting: Right-click to ready rod, left-click to cast.

Difficulty: 3


  • Gather ingredients to craft meals to eat or sell.
  • Increase cooking skill to unlock additional recipes.
  • Stoves are available in kitchens.
  • See stove for recipes.

There’s gold in them there rivers and streams!

Difficulty: 1


  • Purchase a gold-panning pan from General Stores.
  • Use it while standing in knee deep water.
  • Blacksmiths can use the gold you gather to craft ingots and bars.

  • Gold Pan

It’s backbreaking labor but there’s a good honest living to be made in the mines.

Difficulty: 2


  • Purchase a pickaxe and buy/sell ore/ingot at Miner’s Tools outside Tumbleweed.
  • Mines are marked on the map.
  • Novice miners can gather Iron in the mines.
  • Increase mining skill to unlock additional ores available to gather.


Difficulty: 3.5


  • Novice blacksmiths can craft iron ingot from iron ore.
  • Gain blacksmithing experience to unlock additional recipes like metal ingots and bars; brass casings, shotgun slugs, and buckshot.
  • Metal bars and ingots can be sold at Miner’s Tools and used in crafting.
  • See forge for recipes.
  • Forges can be found outside most stables.
If you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty, you can hunt down bounties placed by your fellow frontiers-folk and local law enforcement. 

Difficulty: 4.5




  • Bounties are chosen at bulletin boards outside Sheriff’s Stations as marked on the map.
  • You can choose between NPC bounties and Civilian bounties.
  • If you are attacked and rendered unconscious by another civilian, you can place a bounty on your attacker by visiting a bounty board.
  • If you have a bounty on your head, you will be unable to access the bounty board.
  • Bounties should be claimed either to the Sheriff directly, or to the bounty board in the jurisdiction from which you took the bounty.

Read more in depth about bounty hunting, the justice system, and federal laws in Frontier Justice

Horses are persistent and have bonding, so taking good care of your horse is a must if you plan to travel the long roads on your lonesome.
Your horse will only come to you if you whistle while in range of it. If you want a different horse, put your current horse up in a stable and bring out a different horse while there! Additionally, if you do not put your horse in a stable, it will remain out, even after you log off.

There are three train systems that traverse the map: Eastern (red), Central Union (blue), and Southwestern (green) as shown above.

Train stations are marked as big circles on the train tracks on the map as shown below.

You can press E to board the train and to find a seat. Press F to get out of your seat.

You can also hop on the train by foot jumping on and from your mount.

You can hop on the St. Denis trolley and give your feet a rest while you travel through the city.

    • Press E when near the Trolley to board it. You can find a seat and press E to sit down. Press F to leave your seat.

You can hire a carriage with a driver at most stables (see wheel icon on the map). Follow the prompts on screen to set your destination and speed at which you want your driver to go and you’ll be on your way!  


The Horse Menu is accessed by pressing “L” on your keyboard and arrowing down to “Horse”.
From there you can add or remove things from the horse’s satchel, save and put on outfits, and set your horse as your main horse.
You can only use this menu if your horse is out and nearby.

Selecting And Fitting Your Horse 

  • In order to get your horse fitted with a saddle and other tack, you need to select it as your main horse first by doing the above.
  • You can get your horse kitted out at any stable (Horseshoe icon).
You can purchase various items at the general store to help keep your horse happy, healthy, and stunning. You can access the items and use them from your satchel (pressing B).

  • Horse brush – Use this to brush your horse and remove dirt, mud, blood, etc.
  • Hay –  TBD
  • Sugar Cube – TBD
  • Peppermint – TBD
  • Horse Cream – TBD
  • Horse Injection – Increases horse’s health over time
Purchase, rent and sell back horses, buy horse tack, and edit your horse’s appearance. 


  • Buy, rent, and sell (owned) horses
  • Purchase saddles, saddlebags, stirrups, saddle horns, blankets, and bedrolls
  • Purchase horse accessories like masks and bridals
  • Edit Horse manes and tails
  • You can have up to five (5) horses in your stable at one time
  • In order to get your horse fitted with a saddle and tack, you need to have your horse out and standing in the stable. You need to select it as your main horse first as explained above in Horse Menu.

Certain tasks done with your horse will increase your bonding and progress the horse’s overall acceleration, speed, stamina, and health. It will also increase the radius in which the horse will come when you whistle for it. Currently, the following actions increase horse bonding:

  • Brushing
  • Feeding peppermint, hay, and sugar cube
  • Applying horse cream
  • Using horse injection
  • To send a new telegram, select a recipient from your Mail Directory, or add a new listing. Then select “Send Telegram”
    • To add a new listing, be sure you have the recipient’s PO box (found on their ID).
    • Open the Post Office Menu at the mail clerk.
    • Select Post Office > Mail Directory > Add
    • Type “PO 12345” (use recipient’s PO number).
  • To read incoming telegrams select Post Office > Telegrams
    • Telegram body displays at the bottom of the Telegrams Menu
    • Replies can be sent directly to sender by pressing Enter



If your character is knocked unconscious by another, you can choose to place a bounty on them after you respawn.

  •  Bounties are placed at bulletin boards outside Sheriff’s Stations, as marked on the map.
  • After respawning, the most recent character to knock you unconscious will be listed on the bounty board.
  • You will determine the bounty amount. Be aware that the price will come from your pockets, not your bank.

If there’s a bounty out on you, you will be unable to access the bounty board. 

If your character isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty, you can hunt down bounties placed by your fellow frontier folk and local law enforcement. 

Civilian Bounties:

  • Civilian bounties can be placed by lawmen, civilians who have been knocked unconscious by other civilians, and NPCs who witness a crime. 
  • After selecting an available Civilian bounty from the bounty board, the target’s last known location will be placed on the map for 30 minutes. 
  • Captured bounty targets must be hog-tied and returned to the Sheriff’s Office you originally took out the bounty at. 
    • If a Sheriff is on duty, you must return the target to them and they will pay you. 
    • If no Sheriff is on duty, hog tie your bounty target and carry them up to the bounty board, where you’ll be able to turn them in. You will receive your reward and they will be jailed and fined automatically.


NPC Bounties:

  • The general location of NPC bounties will be marked on your map after the bounty is selected. 
  • Seek out the target and either capture or kill. In either case, they must be returned to the same bounty board from which you selected the job.
    • Binoculars allow you to mark your bounty target.
    • Once close enough to the target, the bounty can be shared with your group via the player menu (L).
    • Bounties must be hog tied and carried up to the board in order to claim.
    • ​Returning a target alive returns full reward, dead returns 3/4.​

If you’re wanted and you have the funds, you can pay off your bounty to avoid trouble with the law. 

Bounties can be paid off at the train station clerks.  

  • Walk up to clerk and target by holding right mouse button
  • Follow onscreen prompt to select “pay bounty”
  • Select the bounty you want to pay



Each Sheriff has the authority to hire one Deputy, for whom they are responsible to train and pay. Any law-abiding citizen is eligible. The Deputy is responsible for enforcing federal and local law within the Sheriff’s jurisdiction.

  • Maintaining safety and encouraging prosperity within their town.
  • Arresting, jailing, and fining lawbreakers.
  • Receiving and processing bounties.
  • Informing new-comers of any town-specific laws.
  • Maintaining up-to-date criminal records.

A town-specific elected role responsible for enforcing federal law and establishing local laws to be enforced within their jurisdiction. Sheriffs can set bounties, as well as hire one deputy to uphold the law on their behalf. Paid by the government and local taxes. 

  • Maintaining safety and encouraging prosperity within their town.
  • Arresting, jailing, and fining lawbreakers.
  • Receiving and processing bounties.
  • Informing new-comers of any town-specific laws.
  • Maintaining up-to-date criminal records.
  • Set bounties for fugitives charged with serious felonies.
  • Oversee and pay their deputy.


Highly trained officers who pursue fugitives in all jurisdictions. This is a whitelisted role held to an additional set of rules. May form posse with Sheriffs, Deputies, or upstanding citizens to pursue particularly dangerous fugitives.

  • Pursue Bounties.
  • Support Sheriffs as requested.
  • Arrest, Jail, and Fine fugitives.
  • Maintain up-to-date criminal records.

Federal Laws

Acts of a criminal nature will be assessed and the person responsible for those acts will be convicted and sentenced by the lawmen overseeing the capture and detainment of such criminals. If such acts took place within a Sheriff’s jurisdiction, theirs will be the final determination.

​Conviction and Sentencing is determined based on the following guidelines, with fines and jail time subject to the discretion of the overseeing Sheriff or Marshal. [1 Day in IC = 1 minute OOC]

Fine: $10 – $100
Jail Time: 12 days or less


Disorderly Conduct – Willfully and unlawfully disturbs the peace of another person(s).​

Battery – Wanton and unlawful physical contact with another person which is unwelcome. Aggressor does not use a weapon or cause great bodily harm. 

Assault – Intention to commit battery with a weapon in a manner unlikely to cause great bodily harm. [If player bounty is <= $500 | Assault multiplied per $100]

Trespassing – Unknowingly arrives on private property and remains after deed or claim is proven and told to leave.  

Fine: $500 maximum
Jail Time: 24 days or less

Petty Theft – Knowingly and unlawfully takes money, property, and/or belongings valued $200 or less with intent to deprive owner indefinitely. 

Bribery – Offers a public servant or official money, services, favors, or gratuities with the intent of personal gain or benefit.

Aggravated Assault – Intention to commit battery with a weapon and/or in a manner likely to cause great bodily harm. 

Manslaughter – Takes the life of another person without malice or intent, in a fashion that a reasonable person would consider accidental and without carelessness. Not to be applied in cases of self defense where a person uses force to defend themselves, another person, or their property from substantial harm or death. ​

Mayhem – Causes injury to another person with malice or intent to cause harm/pain, so as to render them defenseless. [If player bounty > $500 | Mayhem multiplied per $500]

Fraud – Makes an agreement or presents themselves as someone else with the intent of personal gain or benefit, where a reasonable person would believe them to be a liar or cheater. 


Fine: $2000 maximum
Jail Time: 10 days to life

Sheriff may set bounty on fugitives facing a serious felony charges(s).

Greater Theft – Knowingly and unlawfully takes money, property, and/or belongings valued $200 or more with intent to deprive owner indefinitely.

Robbery – While committing Petty or Greater Theft, forcibly takes such items from another person through physical force or fear of force. 

Theft of Livestock – Unlawfully takes or kills livestock with intent to deprive owner of such stock longer than 15 months. 

Arson – Destroys or attempts to destroy any property, structure, or vegetation by mean of fire with malice or intent to deprive owner. 

Murder in the Second Degree – Takes the life of another person without malice, intent, or forethought, in which circumstances a reasonable person would believe involved carelessness, or where they are overcome by the heat of passion.

Murder in the First Degree – Takes the life of another person with malice, intent, or forethought. 

Attempted Murder – Attempts to commit Murder in the First Degree but does not succeed in killing the targeted person. 

Harboring a Fugitive – Knowingly harbors or assists a fugitive from justice, or knowingly conspires in the commission of a major felony, or helps a fugitive escape lawful incarceration or imprisonment.

Life sentences must be unanimously agreed on by 3 separate lawmen (Sheriff, Marshal, or Deputy) OR 2 lawmen and 1 honorable and impartial citizen, and can be overturned by an Admin. Discussing the possibility of a life sentence must be done in front of the accused so they can participate.

If consensus is reached and it’s agreed a life sentence is appropriate, the convicted should then be given the option of:

  1. ​Life Sentence: Sentence to be served in prison. [This provides the option for the convicted to reach out to admin for a review of charges if they believe their sentence is unjust.]

Death Sentence: Death by firing squad or hanging. This provides a dramatic end to the character’s story.

IMPORTANT: Hanging RP is not allowed on the server. If a player wishes it to be server canon that they were sentenced to hang, so be it. However, the act will not be permitted to be role-played out on the server.


Step 1: Identify Your Desired Jurisdiction


You will be responsible for maintaining the peace and upholding the law within the city limits of your jurisdiction. To this end, you will be able to hire a deputy, form posses, post bounties, and even establish a few laws of your own. Paying deputies and sentencing bounty targets returned to your jurisdiction also falls to you. For full details about Sheriff’s, duties see the Sheriff’s SOP.

Towns with Sheriff’s departments include Valentine, Strawberry, Rhodes, and Blackwater.


Step 2: Identify Your Platform

You’ll need to convince voters that you’re the person for the job! Are you a law and order candidate with former law enforcement experience to back your claim? Are you a successful entrepreneur promising increased prosperity and wealth? Is the current Sheriff a villainous thief while you happen to be an upstanding member of society?

Take time to think about why you matter to the town you want to run, and maybe even why that town matters to you.

Step 3: Canvas

Your application to run for sheriff will require 5 “signatures.” This means that you will need to speak with 5 characters in-game about your desired jurisdiction and platform. A verbal agreement to “sign” your petition to hold an election constitutes one signature. (Be sure to document the family and given names of each signee to ensure your application is accurate.)

IMPORTANT: 1 character per player can sign. Characters are limited to signing 1 petition per town each election. (In other words, Harriet Beaver can sign my petition to run in Valentine, as well as Willa Cassidy’s petition to run in Rhodes. Madam Beaver cannot however sign any additional petitions for candidates in either Valentine or Rhodes once signing mine and Ms. Cassidy’s. Harriet Beaver’s player may not use any other characters to sign petitions Beaver has already signed. After the election is held, she is once again free to sign petitions for any new candidates she wants.) 

Step 4: Apply

You should now have all the info and RP groundwork needed to submit your petition to hold an election.

Once submitted, Admin will review your platform for feasibility (Is it possible either within the constraints of server mechanics and/or through RP to do the things you want to do?). Additionally, Admin will reach out to one or more of your signees to ensure they were aware of the verbal agreement they made with you.

Upon approval, you will be notified by Admin via Discord DM and the election process will begin! If the office of Sheriff is empty in your chosen jurisdiction and you are running unopposed, you will automatically win and be considered sworn in.

Note:  There is a 1-month period between elections per town. If this period is in effect when your application is approved, you will be provided a specific date on which you may begin campaigning.