If you’re planning to file an application to run for Sheriff, you ought to know what you’re getting yourself into!

How to run for Sheriff

Step 1: Identify your desired Jurisdiction

Towns with Sheriff’s departments include Valentine, Strawberry, Rhodes, and Blackwater. 

You will be responsible for maintaining the peace and upholding the law within the city limits of your jurisdiction. To this end, you will be able to hire a deputy, form posses, post bounties, and even establish a few laws of your own. Paying deputies and sentencing bounty targets returned to your jurisdiction also falls to you. For full details about Sheriff duties see the Sheriff SOP. 

Step 2: Identify your Platform

You’ll need to convince voters that you’re the person for the job! Are you a law and order candidate with former law enforcement experience to back your claim? Are you a successful entrepreneur promising increased prosperity and wealth? Is the current Sheriff a villainous thief while you happen to be an upstanding member of society? 

Take time to think about why you matter to the town you want to run, and maybe even why that town matters to you.

Step 3: Canvas

Your application to run for sheriff will require 5 “signatures.” This means that you will need to speak with 5 characters in-game about your desired jurisdiction and platform. A verbal agreement to “sign” your petition to hold an election constitutes one signature. (Be sure to document the family and given names of each signee to ensure your application is accurate.) 

IMPORTANT: 1 character per player can sign. Characters are limited to signing 1 petition per town each election. (In other words, Harriet Beaver can sign my petition to run in Valentine, as well as Willa Cassidy’s petition to run in Rhodes. Madam Beaver cannot however sign any additional petitions for candidates in either Valentine or Rhodes once signing mine and Ms. Cassidy’s. Harriet Beaver’s player may not use any other characters to sign petitions Beaver has already signed. After the election is held, she is once again free to sign petitions for any new candidates she wants.) 

Step 4: Apply

You should now have all the info and RP groundwork needed to submit your petition to hold an election. 

Once submitted, Admin will review your platform for feasibility (Is it possible either within the constraints of server mechanics and/or through RP to do the things you want to do?). Additionally, Admin will reach out to one or more of your signees to ensure they were aware of the verbal agreement they made with you. 

Upon approval, you will be notified by Admin via Discord DM and the election process will begin! If the office of Sheriff is empty in your chosen jurisdiction and you are running unopposed, you will automatically win and be considered sworn in. 

Note:  There is a 1-month period between elections per town. If this period is in effect when your application is approved, you will be provided a specific date on which you may begin campaigning. 

The Election Process 

Step 1: Campaign

Upon petition approval, any additional candidates along with the incumbent Sheriff will be notified. All participants will have a minimum of 1 week and no longer than 2 weeks to campaign.

Step 2: The Debate

Admin will coordinate a time and date to hold an in-game debate between candidates at the end of the campaign phase. The debate will be announced to the community in discord 2 days in advance, and a reminder will be announced the day of. 

During the debate, candidates will begin with a brief 1-2 minute speech. Candidates will then take turns answering questions provided by the voters. Answers will be limited to 2 minutes. Those unable to attend will be given the option to submit questions through Discord to be asked by a moderator. 

Step 3: Voting

At the close of the debate, voting will be opened for 48 hours. Voting will take place in Discord until server mechanics are implemented to support the process in-game. At this time, one vote per player (not per character) will be counted.

At the close of voting the winner will be announced and considered sworn in. A swearing-in ceremony can be arranged on request.

Contesting results is not a supported option at this time. In the event of a tie, the incumbent candidate wins.

Step 3.5: Losing

On an unsuccessful attempt to be elected or retain your position, you must wait 1 month before you can attempt to run again in any jurisdiction.

A new application will be required for each attempt at office. 


It is expected that you have read and understood the Sheriff SOP before logging in as Sheriff for the first time. We recommend keeping this resource accessible while playing until you’re familiar with the mechanics specific to your new role. 

​Your term will last a minimum of 1 month. After 1 month, you will remain Sheriff until you are 1) defeated in an election, 2) you step down from office or 3) you are removed from office. Removal from office may occur at any time during your term in the event you’re charged with a felony. 

If you wish to step down as Sheriff you may either appoint an interim Sheriff (with Admin approval) or simply vacate the office and leave it empty. Admin should be notified in either case for the sake of the election process. In the event the Sheriff office is vacated and no one is appointed or elected to fill the role, a Marshal may be temporarily assigned responsibility for that Jurisdiction.