Rules and Guidelines



Be aware that ignorance or misunderstanding of the community and server rules is not a defense. All players are responsible for maintaining up-to-date knowledge and seeking clarification in advance of error. 

1) Roleplay before bloodshed (no random deathmatch/ vehicle deathmatch).

2) Must be 18 years or older (both players as well as characters). 

3) Value all life (this includes NPCs).

4) No OOC (out of character) communication on server.

5) No glitching/power gaming. (see guidelines)

6) No stream sniping/meta gaming. (#RDR-Town-Bulletin-Board channel in Discord is

     considered "in-character" and posts there can be utilized as in-character knowledge.)

8) Must know basic player controls (see Player's Guide)

9) No RP that violates Twitch Terms of Service

10) No use of 3rd party mods or apps while on server, excluding the PRC TeamSpeak server while in game.

11) Group size limited to six collaborating players in a given scenario.

12) Losing Consciousness:  If you are knocked unconscious, you are free to remember the events

     leading up to that moment. However, you can't remember anything that happens while you're

     in the unconscious state. Players are expected to take the circumstances of their character's

     injuries into account and re-engage with ongoing roleplay (or choose to remain unconscious)

     accordingly. Permanent death isn't required for any reason and is the sole decision of the

     character's player. SEE ALSO: Guidelines and Lore

Guidelines and lore

Lore Friendly: This refers to character conduct and server aesthetic. The server follows the lore set in place in the game Red Dead Redemption 2. If it exists within RDR2, it's fair-game to roleplay or reference.

While we expect RP that is realistic, we also embrace that occasionally game-lore, server rules, and historical accuracy may be at odds. For example, while the historical setting might realistically support overt racism/sexism, this community tolerates neither.


Power Gaming: (Including but not limited to) abusing game mechanics, using mechanics not supported in-game to gain an advantage, sheriff baiting, excessive trolling, forcing unwanted RP (see GUIDE: Consent and Safety), combat logging. 


Rule Violations: If a player violates a rule or community guideline while roleplaying with you on the server, you are expected to report them via #anon-feedback in Discord. Do your best to disengage with the interaction without breaking character. You may reach out privately to resolve the issue if you are comfortable doing so, however do not address the issue in the Discord community chats. 


Player reports will be reviewed by the Admin team. Possible action includes warning, mediation, temporary ban, or permanent ban. Decisions are made collaboratively by the Admin team on a case by case basis. All available information, including previous rule or community guideline violations will be taken into account in determining a course of action.

Quality of Roleplay: Our expectation is that at all times, players are mindful of server and community rules, the lore and setting in which their character exists, and their impact on the RP happening around them.

To this end, if you encounter RP which you believe fails to meet the community standard, or degredates your RP experience, please utilize the #anon-feedback channel in Discord immediately. In most cases, admin response will be to encourage and support the player's improvement. However, repeat offenders will face temporary and/or permanent bans at admin discretion. 


Losing Consciousness: When knocked unconscious, you will be unable to move or talk (you're unconscious) for at least two minutes. /me is available as a reoleplay mechanic to communicate bodily responses (e.g. fading pulse, coughs, not breathing). If you wish to perma, you can use /me to indicate "no pulse." 

After the required time elapses, you have the options to either 1) Wake Up, which will revive you at your location with nearly depleted health or 2) Respawn at Nearest Doctor, which will teleport you  to a doctor's office before reviving you. 

When deciding which action to take, you should always factor in the circumstances causing you to go uncon, ongoing RP happening around you or to you, and the injuries you may have sustained. Using either option to escape capture, rejoin a gunfight, or otherwise gain an RP advantage, will be considered powergaming. These options can however be utilized as a safety feature if you need to disengage from a situation you deem unsafe for you as a player (See Also: GUIDE: Consent and Safety).