Getting Started

A quick and dirty rundown of basic server mechanics and features to get you in the saddle and roleplaying.

*Server Under Development*

The information in this guide is subject to change frequently as server features are implemented and updated. Changes will be logged in #rdr-patch-notes on Discord.


Install RedM here.

To launch the RedM directory after installing, ensure you have both Steam and the Rockstar Launcher open first.

To trouble shoot any problems launching, see the FAQ and Client Support pages provided by forums.

For additional assistance please reach out in the #rdr-support channel of the PRC Discord (must be whitelisted for access).


In-game voip requires the Salty Chat addon for TeamSpeak (link below).  Ensure TeamSpeak and Salty Chat are installed and TeamSpeak is running before joining server.

1) If you don't have TeamSpeak, download and install here:


2) Make sure TeamSpeak app is closed. 

3) Once TeamSpeak is closed, download and install Salty Chat app:


4) Connect to PRC server (server address is in the acceptance message sent by Admins and pinned in RDR General on Discord). Upon connection to RDR server, you will be moved to "In-Game" channel in TeamSpeak.

Voip uses PTT key set in TeamSpeak, not in game.
                                 To set keybind: tools --> options --> capture

Once joined to the TS server, players auto-queue in "RDR2 Standby" until they join the RDR game server. Voice chat is disabled while in Standby.



Upon connection to the RDR game server, players are automatically moved into their respective "PRC RDR2 Server" channel. Player nicknames are changed to gibberish for anonymity. 

To silence Team Speak Notifications ( "USER JOINED YOUR CHANNEL" voice):

  1. Tools --> Options --> Notifications

  2. From the sound pack dropdown menu at the top left, select "sounds deactivated."

  3. Click the small box to the right of the sound pack dropdown menu to "apply to all bookmarks."

  4. ​Restart TeamSpeak. 

To Add The PRC Team Speak to Bookmarks

  1. Connect to PRC Team Speak (Pinned in Discord)

  2. Go to "Bookmarks" on the top of your Team Speak client

  3. Click "Add to Bookmarks"

  4. Click "Apply" and then "OK"

  5. Hit "Save" on the pop-up window

Character creation

Before entering the server, you will be given the option to select a character or create a new one. Players can create up to 10 characters.

Selecting Create New will prompt you to choose a first and last name before continuing. Be advised: you cannot edit this later.

After choosing your name, you'll be spawned into the server at the character creator interior. This may take a few minutes, just relax until you're fully loaded in and can see a bald figure.
















Once loaded into the creator, press left or right arrow to select the figure you prefer. Note: this selection will effect which clothing options you have to choose from before entering the server.

Follow on screen directions to make changes to your appearance including height, physique, facial features, and hair.

Make sure to select an outfit in the clothing section before completing your character. There are five starting outfits to choose from.  Clothing can be purchased later at tailor shops for a fee. Consider it a character development opportunity.


















When you're happy with your appearance, select Complete. You will be spawned into Valentine with $100 in your wallet. Don't spend it all in one place!

Character Creator controls are visible on bottom right of screen. 

Player controls

Chat commands are used by pressing T to open player chat and entering the commands as listed below. 

In addition to the Red Dead Redemption controls, which can be found in the game menus, our server utilizes two types of player input: Hotkeys and Chat Commands.

Hotkeys are either pressed or held. Chat Commands are entered into player chat:

  1. Press T to open player chat

  2. Type /commandname into chat

  3. Press enter


B - Inventory
M - Map
U - Hands Up
Z - Player ID List
H - Whistle for horse
N - Toggle voip range (edit push to talk setting in game to change)

T - Open player chat to input chat commands
G - Pet horse 
Ctrl - Slow your horse down

Ctrl + S - Back horse up 

Shift - Sprint / horse speed up





















Character Interaction

/me [action] - indicates in-character action; displayed over character's head.

       EXAMPLE: /me tips hat
/givemoney [player id] [amount] - Transfer money from your wallet to a nearby 

       player (hold Z for player id). EXAMPLE: /givemoney 2 10

/hijack ​- Toggles hijack on/off.

On to hijack other players horse/vehicle (by default on login). 

Off to ride with other players without attacking and stealing their horse/carriage.


/emotes - List emotes.

/e [emote name] - Initiate emote. EXAMPLE: /e sitground1

/e c - Cancel current emote.

Menus and UI


/hud - Toggle hud.

/reticle - Toggles reticle on/off. On to have reticle show when you aim. Off to have  

        reticle only show for animals and NPCs. Toggle setting will be saved to your

        RedM client cache, clearing cache will reset setting.

/horses - Opens interaction menu to tame, flee, select default.

/switch - Adds a marker to player map at the location of character switcher.

/showchat  - Shows player chat.

/hidechat - Hides player chat.

Bug Fixes

/leavetailor - Exits & saves clothing shop if you get stuck.
/loadskin - In case character doesn't fully load on login.


Points of interest

Most (though not all) POIs are marked on the map. POI availability varies by location. From the large map (M), hover over markers for POI name.

Tailors - Purchase clothing and accessories.

Barbers - Update hair and facial features.

General Store - Provides many essentials for frontiersfolk.

Butchers - Bring animal carcasses/hydes (hunting).

Gunsmiths - Purchase weapons and ammo.

Banks - Make withdrawls/deposits, transfer funds to another player,

               exchange gold flakes/nuggets.

Stables- Purchase horses, accessories, and care items.

Sheriff Stations - Pick up and claim bounties (see bulletin boards).

Saloons - Purchase drinks, snacks, and smokes. May also provide barber services and a place to switch characters.

Train Stations - Pay off bounties and catch the train.


Doctor's Office - Purchase tonics which can be carried in inventory to restore health. Doctor's visits restore complete health. Can choose to respawn here after losing consciousness. 

Losing Consciousness

In addition to the Rules and Guidelines, please take note of the features available to support your character's story in the event of misfortune. 

  • When knocked unconscious, you'll be unable to move or talk (you're unconscious) for at least 2 minutes.

  • /me [text description] is available as a roleplay mechanic to communicate bodily responses (e.g. fading pulse, coughs, not breathing).

  • If you wish to perma, you can use /me to indicate "no pulse." 

  • After the required time elapses, you have the options to either

    1. Wake Up, which will revive you at your location with nearly depleted health or

    2. Respawn at Nearest Doctor, which will teleport you  to a doctor's office before reviving you. 

  • When deciding which action to take, you should always factor in the circumstances causing you to go uncon, ongoing RP happening around you or to you, and the injuries you may have sustained. 

  • Using either option to escape capture, rejoin a gunfight, or otherwise gain an RP advantage, will be considered power gaming. These options can however be utilized as a safety feature if you need to disengage from a situation you deem unsafe for you as a player (See Also: GUIDE: Consent and Safety).

  • If rendered unconscious by another PC - see Frontier Justice for information on placing bounties.


Mastered the basics? Check out the Frontier Life and Frontier Justice guides for an overview of activities, horsemanship, Federal Laws and more. 

More questions? See #rdr-known-issues to troubleshoot or reach out in #rdr-general-support on 


Reminder: Server is in active development. Expect bugs and report them in #rdr-bug-reports on Discord.