Frontier Life

It's not how the west was won, but rather how it was lived. Here are the available lucrative activities and adventures to have on the server currently. 


The wild west wouldn't be wild without the wild life! Are you an expert marksman? You can kill animals and sell them to a butcher. 

  • 3 star system determines payout.

    • 1 star = lower payout, 3 stars= highest payout.

  • Only animal body can be stored on your horse (no pelts yet)

    • You can skin animals at the butcher & sell the skins and carcasses separately. 


There's gold in them rivers and streams!
  • Purchase a gold-panning pan from a general store
  • Use it while standing in/near shallow water 
  • Nuggets and flakes can be exchanged for cash at the bank
    • One gold nugget= $3, ten gold flakes = $1


Supplies can run low and you'll be paid for helping to replenish them! 
  • Pick up a delivery mission at a hat marker on the map
  • You'll spawn with a cart and a yellow marker on your map
  • Take the cart to the yellow marker
  • Once you've arrived to the destination, exit your cart and walk to the marker on foot to receive payment


If your character isn't afraid to get their hands dirty, you can hunt down bounties placed by your fellow frontiers-folk and local law enforcement. 

  • Bounties are chosen at bulletin boards outside Sheriff's Stations as marked on map.

  • You can choose between NPC bounties and Civilian bounties (aka PVP bounties)

  • If you have a bounty on your head, you will be unable to access the bounty board.

  • After selecting  a bounty, the last known location of your target will be placed on the map.

  • The bounty location marker will disappear after 30 minutes.

  • If bounty target is offline, you will receive a notification and won't be able to select them.

  • Return target to area near bounty board to receive reward.

    • ​Returning a target alive returns full reward, dead returns 3/4.​

  • Read more about the bounty process over at Frontier Justice








Stables, Horse care, taming​

A noble steed can be an invaluable asset in the west. You can get one for yourself by purchasing one at any stable or catching and taming one in the wild. 

This is where you can purchase horses, their accessories, and edit their appearance. 
  • Buy horses 
  • Purchase saddles, blankets, saddlebags, bedrolls, and stirrups 
  • Edit Horse manes and tails 
  • You can have up to five (5) horses in your stable at one time
  • In order to get your horse fitted with with a saddle and other tack, you need to select it as your main horse first by utilizing the "/horses" menu as explained below.  
the /horses menu 
This is how you Flee, Tame, and release your horse. It is also how you set which horse comes when you whistle for it (pressing H). 
  • To select which horse comes when you call for it (pressing H), hit  T > type "/horses" > "Select Your Horse" > [Desired Horses Name]

Taming A Horse 
  • You do this when you have caught a wild horse, or have stolen one without a saddle. It is done automatically when you buy one from a stable. 
  • Sit on the horse, hit T, and type "/horses" 
  • Select "Horse Options" 
  • Then select "Tame Horse" 
  • You will be prompted to name your horse 
  • It will then be in your stable
Selecting And Fitting Your Horse 
  • To select which horse comes when you call for it (pressing H), hit  T > type "/horses" > "Select Your Horse" > [Desired Horses Name]
  • In order to get your horse fitted with with a saddle and other tack, you need to select it as your main horse first by doing the above. 
  • You can get your horse kitted out at any stable (Horsehoe icon)

 Horse Care
You can purchase various items at the general store to help keep your horse happy, healthy, and stunning. You can access the items and use them from your satchel (pressing B).
  • Horse brush - Use this to brush your horse and remove dirt, mud, blood, etc.
  • Hay - Feed this to your horse to replenish its health
  • Sugar Cube - TBD
  • Peppermint - TBD
  • Horse Cream - TBD
  • Horse Revitalizer - TBD
Press B and 'use' items from your satchel to feed/ brush your horse
Those boots may be made for walkin', but that's not always they need to do! Here are some sources of travel currently. 
  • Horses - A good horse can go a long way 
  • Train - The train stops at train stations but you can also jump on from your mount. 
  • Trolly - You can hop on the St. Denis trolly and give your feet a rest while you travel through the city. 

Press E when near the Train or Trolly to board it. You can find a seat and press E to sit down.