Frontier Justice

There's riches and glory to be found on the frontier, but it's a dangerous life. If disease doesn't kill you, the lawless may very well. Whether you seek justice or vengeance, here's your guide.



Placing Bounties 

If your character is knocked unconscious by another, you can choose to place a bounty on them after you respawn.

  • Bounties are placed at bulletin boards outside Sheriff's Stations, as marked on map.

  • After respawning, the most recent character to knock you unconscious will be listed at the bounty board. 

  • You will determine the bounty amount. Be aware that the price will come from your pockets, not your bank. 

  • If you have a bounty on your head, you will be unable to access the bounty board. 

Bounty Hunting

If your character isn't afraid to get their hands dirty, you can hunt down bounties placed by your fellow frontiersfolk and local law enforcement. 

  • Bounties are chosen at bulletin boards outside Sheriff's Stations as marked on map.

  • If you have a bounty on your head, you will be unable to access the bounty board.

  • If bounty target is offline, you will receive a notification and won't be able to select them.

  • Return target to area near bounty board to receive reward.

    • Returning a target alive returns full reward, dead returns half.

  • After selecting  a bounty, the last known location of your target will be placed on the map.

  • The bounty location marker will disappear after 30 minutes.