Frontier Justice

There's riches and glory to be found on the frontier, but it's a dangerous life. If disease doesn't kill you, the lawless may very well. Whether you seek justice or vengeance, here's your guide.



Placing Bounties 

If your character is knocked unconscious by another, you can choose to place a bounty on them after you respawn.

  •  Bounties are placed at bulletin boards outside Sheriff's Stations, as marked on map.

  • After respawning, the most recent character to knock you unconscious will be listed at the bounty board. 

  • You will determine the bounty amount. Be aware that the price will come from your pockets, not your bank. 

  • If you have a bounty on your head, you will be unable to access the bounty board. 

Bounty Hunting

If your character isn't afraid to get their hands dirty, you can hunt down bounties placed by your fellow frontiersfolk and local law enforcement. 

  • Bounties are chosen at bulletin boards outside Sheriff's Stations as marked on map.

  • If you have a bounty on your head, you will be unable to access the bounty board.

  • If bounty target is offline, you will receive a notification and won't be able to select them.

  • Return target to area near bounty board to receive reward.

    • Returning a target alive returns full reward, dead returns 3/4.






Paying Off Bounties

If you're wanted and you have the funds, you can pay off your bounty to avoid trouble with the law. 

  • Bounties can be paid off at the train station clerks.  

    • Walk up to clerk and target by holding right mouse button

    • Follow onscreen prompt to select "pay bounty"

    • Select the bounty you want to pay

  • After selecting  a bounty, the last known location of your target will be placed on the map.

  • The bounty location marker will disappear after 30 minutes.



A town-specific elected role responsible for enforcing federal law and establishing local laws to be enforced within their jurisdiction. Sheriffs can set bounties, as well as deputize up to two people at any time for additional support. Paid by the government and local taxes. 

Responsibilities include:

Maintaining safety and encouraging prosperity within their town.

Arresting, jailing, and fining lawbreakers.

Receiving and processing bounties.

Informing new-comers of any town-specific laws. 
Maintaining up-to-date criminal records.

Set bounties for fugitives charged with serious felonies. 

Towns with a Sheriff: Valentine, Strawberry, Blackwater, Rhodes


For information about running for Sheriff, see the Election Procedure Guide



A temporary role assigned by the Sheriff. Any law-abiding citizen is eligible. Responsible for enforcing federal and local law. Paid by the Sheriff. 

Responsibilities include:

Maintain safety inside town-limits.
Arrest and Jail as per Sheriff discretion. 
Provide Support to Sheriff as requested. 


U.S. Marshal
Highly trained officers who pursue fugitives in all jurisdictions. This is a whitelisted role held to an additional set of rules. May form posses with Sheriff, Deputies, or upstanding citizens to purse particularly dangerous fugitives. 

Responsibilities include:

Pursue bounties.

Support Sheriffs as requested. 

Arrest, Jail, and Fine fugitives when no Sheriff is present. 

Maintain up-to-date criminal records. 

Federal laws

Acts of a criminal nature will be assessed and the person responsible for those acts will be convicted and sentenced by the Sheriff or Marshal overseeing the capture and detainment of such criminals. If such acts took place within a Sheriff's jurisdiction, theirs will be the final determination.

Conviction and Sentencing is determined based on the following guidelines, with fines and jail time subject to the discretion of the overseeing Sheriff or Marshal.

[1 Day in IC = 1 minute OOC]




Fine: $10 - $100

Jail Time: 12 days or less


Disorderly Conduct - Willfully and unlawfully disturbs the peace of another


Battery - Wanton and unlawful physical contact with another person which is

unwelcome. Aggressor does not use a weapon or cause great bodily harm. 

Assault - Intention to commit battery with a weapon in a manner unlikely to

cause great bodily harm. [If player bounty is <= $500 | Assault multiplied per $100]

Trespassing - Unknowingly arrives on private property and remains after deed

or claim is proven and told to leave. 

Minor Felonies

Fine: $500 maximum

Jail Time: 24 days or less

Petty Theft - Knowingly and unlawfully takes money, property, and/or

belongings valued $200 or less with intent to deprive owner indefinitely. 

Bribery - Offers a public servant or official money, services, favors, or gratuities

with the intent of personal gain or benefit.

Aggravated Assault - Intention to commit battery with a weapon and/or in a

manner likely to cause great bodily harm. 

Manslaughter - Takes the life of another person without malice or intent, in a

fashion that a reasonable person would consider accidental and without carelessness. Not to be applied in cases of self defense where a person uses force to defend themselves, another person, or their property from substantial harm or death. 

Mayhem - Causes injury to another person with malice or intent to cause

harm/pain, so as to render them defenseless. [If player bounty > $500 | Mayhem multiplied per $500]

Fraud - Makes an agreement or presents themselves as someone else with the

intent of personal gain or benefit, where a reasonable person would believe them to be a liar or cheater. 

Serious Felonies

Fine: $2000 maximum

Jail Time: 10 days to life

Sheriff may set bounty on fugitives facing a serious felony charges(s).


Greater Theft Knowingly and unlawfully takes money, property, and/or

belongings valued $200 or more with intent to deprive owner indefinitely.

Robbery - While committing Petty or Greater Theft, forcibly takes such items

from another person through physical force or fear of force. 

Theft of Livestock - Unlawfully takes or kills livestock with intent to deprive

owner of such stock longer than 15 months. 

Arson - Destroys or attempts to destroy any property, structure, or vegetation by

mean of fire with malice or intent to deprive owner. 

Murder in the Second Degree - Takes the life of another person without

malice, intent, or forethought, in which circumstances a reasonable person would believe involved carelessness, or where they are overcome by the heat of passion.

Murder in the First Degree - Takes the life of another person with malice, intent,

or forethought. 

Attempted Murder - Attempts to commit Murder in the First Degree but does 

not succeed in killing the targeted person. 

Harboring a Fugitive - Knowingly harbors or assists a fugitive from justice, or

knowingly conspires in the commission of a major felony, or helps a fugitive escape lawful incarceration or imprisonment. 

Life Sentences 

Life sentences must be unanimously agreed on by 3 separate lawmen (Sheriff, Marshal, or Deputy) OR 2 lawmen and 1 honorable and impartial citizen, and can be overturned by an Admin. Discussing the possibility of a life sentence must be done in front of the accused so they can participate.

If consensus is reached and it's agreed a life sentence is appropriate, the convicted should then be given the option of:


  1. Life Sentence: Sentence to be served in prison. [This provides the option for the convicted to reach out to admin for a review of charges if they believe their sentence is unjust.]

  2. Death Sentence: Death by firing squad or hanging. This provides a dramatic end to the character's story. 

    IMPORTANT: Hanging RP is not allowed on the server. If a player wishes it to be server canon that they were sentenced to hang, so be it. However the act will not be permitted to be role-played out on the server.


Make sure to update the criminal records while the individual serves their time or immediately after release.