It’s not how the west was won, but how it was lived.

Are you an expert marksman? You can hunt game and sell it to a butcher to make your living.

Difficulty: 2

  • Skin your kills and sell the meat at a butcher (marked on map).
  • Use meat in cooking recipes.
  • Improve your skinning skill for increased returns.

Please note that the butcher only allows you to sell them cuts of meat. Selling pelts will be an option in a future update.

  • Hunting Knife
  • Firearm and Ammo or Bow and Arrows
It takes skill, patience, and deep knowledge to catch the big one. An experienced guide could earn a lucrative living.


Difficulty: 5


  • Grab a pole and bait at the bait and tackle shop (marked on map), then head to your favorite fishin’ hole.
  • Note that the type/quality of your bait will affect the size/difficulty of your catch.
  • Once you get a bite, aim your rod toward the hooked fish until it stops splashing.
  • Make sure that fish is calm before you try to reel him in.
  • Flawless technique is vital! Hire an expert if you need a lesson.
  • Sell your catch back to the bait and tackle shop or utilize your cooking skill to craft a meal.

  • Fishing Rod
  • Bait or lure

Equip Rod: Right-click rod in inventory and select “equip”. Hold

tab to open equipment radial, R to switch to items, and select pole.

Equip Bait: While the rod is equipped and in hand, Right-click the bait

in inventory and select “use”.

Casting: Right-click to ready rod, left-click to cast.

Difficulty: 3



  • Gather ingredients to craft meals to eat or sell.
  • Increase cooking skill to unlock additional recipes.
  • Stoves are available in kitchens.
  • See stove for recipes.

There’s gold in them there rivers and streams!

Difficulty: 1



  • Purchase a gold-panning pan from General Stores.
  • Use it while standing in knee deep water.
  • Blacksmiths can use the gold you gather to craft ingots and bars.


  • Gold Pan

It’s backbreaking labor but there’s a good honest living to be made in the mines.

Difficulty: 2



  • Purchase a pickaxe and buy/sell ore/ingot at Miner’s Tools outside Tumbleweed.
  • Mines are marked on the map.
  • Novice miners can gather Iron in the mines.
  • Increase mining skill to unlock additional ores available to gather.


Difficulty: 3.5



  • Novice blacksmiths can craft iron ingot from iron ore.
  • Gain blacksmithing experience to unlock additional recipes like metal ingots and bars; brass casings, shotgun slugs, and buckshot.
  • Metal bars and ingots can be sold at Miner’s Tools and used in crafting.
  • See forge for recipes.
  • Forges can be found outside most stables.
If you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty, you can hunt down bounties placed by your fellow frontiers-folk and local law enforcement. 

Difficulty: 4.5



  • Bounties are chosen at bulletin boards outside Sheriff’s Stations as marked on the map.
  • You can choose between NPC bounties and Civilian bounties.
  • If you are attacked and rendered unconscious, you can place a bounty on your attacker by visiting a bounty board.
  • If you have a bounty on your head, you will be unable to access the bounty board.
  • Bounties should be claimed either to the Sheriff directly, or to the bounty board, in the jurisdiction from which you took the bounty.

Read more in depth about bounty hunting, the justice system, and federal laws in Frontier Justice


A noble steed can be an invaluable asset in the west.
The Horse Menu is accessed by pressing “L” on your keyboard and arrowing down to “Horse”.
From there you can add or remove things from the horse’s satchel, save and put on outfits, and set your horse as your main horse.
You can only use this menu if your horse is out and nearby.

Selecting And Fitting Your Horse 


  • In order to get your horse fitted with a saddle and other tack, you need to select it as your main horse first by doing the above.
  • You can get your horse kitted out at any stable (Horseshoe icon).
You can purchase various items at the general store to help keep your horse happy, healthy, and stunning. You can access the items and use them from your satchel (pressing B).


  • Horse brush – Use this to brush your horse and remove dirt, mud, blood, etc.
  • Hay –  TBD
  • Sugar Cube – TBD
  • Peppermint – TBD
  • Horse Cream – TBD
  • Horse Injection – Increases horse’s health over time
Purchase, rent and sell back horses, buy horse tack, and edit your horse’s appearance. 



  • Buy, rent, and sell (owned) horses
  • Purchase saddles, saddlebags, stirrups, saddle horns, blankets, and bedrolls
  • Purchase horse accessories like masks and bridals
  • Edit Horse manes and tails
  • You can have up to five (5) horses in your stable at one time
  • In order to get your horse fitted with a saddle and tack, you need to have your horse out and standing in the stable. You need to select it as your main horse first as explained above in Horse Menu.

Certain tasks done with your horse will increase your bonding and progress the horse’s overall acceleration, speed, stamina, and health. It will also increase the radius in which the horse will come when you whistle for it. Currently, the following actions increase horse bonding:


  • Brushing
  • Feeding peppermint, hay, and sugar cube
  • Applying horse cream
  • Using horse injection


Those boots may be made for walkin’, but that’s not always what they need to do! Here are some sources of travel currently.
Horses are persistent and have bonding, so taking good care of your horse is a must if you plan to travel the long roads on your lonesome.
Your horse will only come to you if you whistle while in range of it. If you want a different horse, put your current horse up in a stable and bring out a different horse while there! Additionally, if you do not put your horse in a stable, it will remain out, even after you log off.

There are three train systems that traverse the map: Eastern (red), Central Union (blue), and Southwestern (green) as shown above.

Train stations are marked as big circles on the train tracks on the map as shown below.

You can press E to board the train and to find a seat. Press F to get out of your seat.

You can also hop on the train by foot jumping on and from your mount.

You can hop on the St. Denis trolley and give your feet a rest while you travel through the city.

    • Press E when near the Trolley to board it. You can find a seat and press E to sit down. Press F to leave your seat.

You can hire a carriage with a driver at most stables (see wheel icon on the map). Follow the prompts on screen to set your destination and speed at which you want your driver to go and you’ll be on your way!  


Postal Service

  • To send a new telegram, select a recipient from your Mail Directory, or add a new listing. Then select “Send Telegram”
    • To add a new listing, be sure you have the recipient’s PO box (found on their ID).
    • Open the Post Office Menu at the mail clerk.
    • Select Post Office > Mail Directory > Add
    • Type “PO 12345” (use recipient’s PO number).
    • We suggest adding your PO number at the end of your message. Example: “Be well. -Your friend (PO 12345)”
  • To read incoming telegrams select Post Office > Telegrams
    • Telegram body displays at the bottom of the Telegrams Menu
    • Replies can be sent directly to sender by pressing Enter