CONSENT: A player’s enthusiastic participation.
It’s important to recognize that The PRC is a lore-friendly RP community. Participation in community spaces and/or game servers indicates that you consent to participate in roleplay and discussion that reflects the lore and gameplay of Red Dead Redemption II and Grand Theft Auto V. This includes but isn’t limited to:
  • Depictions of violence
  • Violence against other characters*
  • Hunting/skinning animals
  • Potential to be robbed, kidnapped, harmed by other characters*
  • Language heard from NPC (non-player-characters)

(*All acts must be within the context of server rules and serve the RP purpose of collaborative storytelling.)

While the server and community rules are fundamental to the goal of community safety, a better understanding of consent in the context of RP will foster both safer spaces and better storytelling.
Recognizing consent means looking for indication of the following:
  • Players feel in control of their contribution and the situation.
  • Players feel safe.
  • Players are enjoying the experience.
Can a player consent to RP that harms their character? 
Yes! A player’s enthusiastic participation may be contrary to their character’s participation. A character can be frightened, angry, murderous or miserable with their predicament, but as long as the player is consenting there is no reason to be concerned.
When should we be concerned that a player is no longer consenting?

Once a player feels out of control, unsafe, or is no longer enjoying the experience, they’re no longer an enthusiastic participant. At this point, the narrative should immediately be redirected. It may be necessary to contact participants via Discord to re-evaluate expectations and boundaries.
I’m not sure my fellow players are enthusiastic participants, what should I do? 
It’s absolutely the responsibility of all players to understand consent and ensure that all participants in every situation are enthusiastic participants. 
Sometimes, it’s hard to tell. This is especially true when RP involves conflict or violence. If you aren’t sure, communicate. This can include setting expectations before*, during**, and after (and all of the above) a scene. 
For the sake of immersion, an OOC chat is not provided on server. Player to player conversation should take place via Discord DM or the PRC Discord. PRC Administrators and Ambassadors are available to facilitate communication as necessary and can be contacted via #anon-feedback in Discord. 
*If you know your character wants to target someone specific in a way that will involve conflict or violence, we highly encourage contacting that player in advance to prevent safety concerns in the middle of an unfolding scene.
**If concerns arise during a scene, use your character to make room for pause (e.g. smoke a cigarette) and DM participants asap. A simple “Are you ok with this?” is often enough.
I no longer consent to RP I’m participating in, what do I do? 
You have several tools at your disposal to help navigate out of a situation that makes you as a player feel unsafe. 
  1. Communication: Utilize Discord to DM participants, or tag them in a message in on of The PRC’s OOC channels. Let them know you are not ok with continuing. 
  2. Request Mediation: If for any reason, communication didn’t resolve the problem or you aren’t comfortable handling the discussion on your own, you can use #anon-feedback in Discord to request assistance from Admin/Ambassadors. 
  3. Withdrawal: Absent the ability to resolve the situation through communication, we encourage you to withdraw your character immediately. This can include ending the conversation, leaving the space, and in an emergency, exiting the server. 
  4. Emergency Exit: If you can’t resolve the issue in-character and are forced to exit the server, please immediately file a report in #anon-feedback to inform Admin. 
Discord Links:
Must be whitelisted to use RDR/GTA-specific channels.


Report a Player
In the “Community” section of Discord, open a ticket via #anonymous-feedback to contact admin with requests such as conflict mediation or RP scenario advice, alerts to concerning behavior, and reports on rule violations. Your information will remain confidential unless otherwise requested and approved by you.
Report Harassment, Abuse, or Misconduct 
In the “Community” section of Discord, open a ticket in the #harassment-or-abuse-tickets channel to contact admin and open a private, confidential conversation. We will work with you to take action and prevent future harm in every way possible.


Request In-Game Support
In the “Community” section of Discord, open a ticket in #in-game-support to alert admin/ambassadors/devs to in-game issues requiring immediate assistance. This allows the team to teleport to your location or teleport you out of a location. To be used when urgent intervention is needed in a harmful situation, or for things like getting stuck in the map.


Additional Resources


Conflict Resolution Guide 
PRC’s guide to utilizing RP conflict to tell great stories, and handling OOC conflict to foster a safe community. 


Consent in Gaming
A free PDF published by Monte Cooke Games.