San Andreas 

Law Enforcement Taskforce

"Obey & Survive"

10-80 Pursuit Guidelines 


  • Your cruiser is not a battering ram, do your best to avoid using it as such

  • First Priority in all 10-80’s is vehicle registration, vehicle description, driver description if possible, and then radio it in. Make sure it is written down or documented somewhere by someone!

  • Never shoot unless you are fired upon first!

  • PD unit coordination:
    - 1st vehicle is point vehicle: keep suspect in sight!
    - 2nd vehicle should always be in charge of communicating direction and streets at regular intervals.
    - Passengers should always be responsible for radio coms.
    - Keep all other PD coms clear.
    - If the 2nd unit falls behind they should
    immediately say “Primary take coms” then attempt to rejoin chase and take coms back over.

  • Pit maneuvers should be last resort, minimum of 2 units required, with approval from a Sgt. or higher.
    - Last resort means: When there is a
    clear and imminent danger to civilians or officers and a pit maneuver would prevent that.

  • Shooting out tires should not be attempted unless a pit maneuver has failed. Requires Lt. or above to approve.
    - Taser is the only weapon to be used to shoot out tires

  • If there are no senior officers available then you don’t have approval and can’t do something that would require that approval.

  • Air 1 cannot be used in a chase unless there are 2 ground units already involved in pursuits.

  • Tazing drivers off of a motorcycle should only happen in defense of life as it has a high chance of killing or severely injuring the rider. They MUST fire first.

  • Use your dashcam footage if you have it! (stream footage).

  • If you aren’t sure if someone is able to log the info when you call it in, take a screenshot while the radar has the right info for the vehicle, you can always go back and get the vehicle type, color, and license plate from that!