Role Play

The PRC is an inclusive and friendly role play community born out of a passion for creating a lore-friendly and realistic RP experience. Our allowlist-controlled REDM server has active Admins and dedicated Developers with many unique mechanics and features for immersive role-play.


Red Dead Redemption RP

With a brand new build and custom framework complete, our REDM RP server features some of the best and unique mechanics you can find in the RP community. Land ownership, Mining, Horse taming, Hunting, Gold Panning, Bounty Hunting and NPC crime system that is unlike any other.


Temporary Servers & Other Games

The PRC community loves games and we are an open-minded bunch. Whether it’s classic titles like 7 Days to Die or new ones like Eco, we will sometimes create dedicated servers for these games, if the community expresses enough interest.

A Creative Community of Role Players and Gamers.

An active Discord, hard-working devs and a loyal community that supports one another.

The PRC supports the idea that as a community, we all have our own identities, stories, personalities and preferences that are all welcome. Although we have rules we follow, we do not constrain people based on who they are and are not a community of cliques or favoritism.

We are excited to make and tell stories together. We blend, meld and cooperate to weave tales that are inclusive – The People’s tales; in a community of everyday people who love to role play.

We live and breathe qualities like: creativity, openness, inclusivity, fun, kindness, excitement, tolerance, passion, organic growth & development, diversity and being a welcoming community who support one another.

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Collaborative Stories. Immersive Mechanics.


The Rules

We are an open-minded and fun community, but we take our rules seriously. Please read them all so that we’re on the same page.


The Application

To ensure you’ve read and understood the rules, and in support of our mission to create collaborative stories, we require all players to submit an application for allowlist before joining our servers. Click Here to Apply and be sure you’ve joined our Discord to receive approval/denial notification.



Wanna know how to use sweet emotes? Need a link to a program we use? Are you a content creator who wants a logo? We got it all. View all our resources here and let us know if there’s something that’s missing.

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